Unsung Heroes in Unsinkable Houston: The Joy of Cooking

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If you’re driving down Bingle Road, north if I-10, you might get a whiff of the unmistakable scent of a real Cajun cooking red beans and rice. By Day, Joy Hirvonen is a Spring Valley Mom of three kids (and a dog named Felix), and works full time as a finance manager in the oil & gas industry. After 6pm, catch her on her back porch firing up the crawfish pot and putting on dinner for hundreds of Houstonians too busy mucking out their homes and helping their neighbors to grab a hot meal. This next batch is bound for Kingwood.

“We’re going to deliver at lunchtime tomorrow. Most of the places up on the lake, I understand the water was upper cabinet depth, where they’re having to rip out everything. So we’ll deliver there, and then I know I saw a few people on Tidwell, east side of 59, so whatever we have left we’ll stop and drop off there tomorrow.”

Jeanne asks, “So the first night you did this..”, as Joy explains, “We started yesterday, we did Memorial Glen, Rustling Pines, and Nottingham Forest as the boats were coming out yesterday from everybody working on their homes. We were out in the front yard, with a portable table and a whole bunch of people and a whole bunch of ice chests, just delivering and feeding plates. Lot of second and third plates – they said it was their first hot meal in 5 days.”

When Joy needed a hand with the rice, Jorge Liao, owner of EurAsia Fusion Sushi on Wirt & Westview, came to the rescue. Friend Debra James adds several roasts to the meal and they’re packed up and ready to hit the road. From Memorial to Kingwood, Joy, Jorge and Debra are not only Well Traveled Texans, they’re today’s Unsung Heroes in Unsinkable Houston.

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