Unsung Heroes: Petite Powerhouse

Unsung Heroes: Petite Powerhouse vimeo play

Just inside this door is a smoothly run operation for Kids Meals manned by a petite powerhouse. Annette Ultis is a Memorial Mom and small business owner who rallied friends, teens and tweens to donate and create thousands of Kids Meals this week. The energy in this room comes from the excitement Annette brings to her volunteers. She also wants to make sure these middle and high schoolers know that this is important work.

Annette explains to a group of teens, “Kids Meals vans go into these communities, they don’t have a store close enough for them to walk, they don’t have transportation, they don’t have food shelters anywhere near them, and so when these buses come in with Kids Meals on the side, kids literally run to them and sometimes that is the only meal they’ll have all day long – which is what you’re packing. These areas are in devastation mode right now because they go to HISD schools and their HISD school is closed. They usually get breakfast in their schools and they can’t even get breakfast right now. So it’s this meal that’s giving them – maybe – their only meal of their day. So it’s really, really important and that’s why I wanted you all to understand what you are doing and why we all want to be responsible.”

Like many unsung heroes, she does double duty in giving back. That great HOU T-shirt she’s wearing donates all proceeds to the Society of St Vincent De Paul, another organization dear to her heart (I’ve included a link below to purchase). Want to shine a light on an unsung hero? Email me at jeanne@welltraveledtexan.com

For more information on how you can help Kids Meals, visit kidsmealshouston.org

To purchase HOU T-shirts that benefit the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, visit thebranchboutique.com

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