Unsung Heroes: The Legend of Nottingham

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In the legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham Forest is the lush setting for a merry band of brothers in medieval England. With names like River Forest, and Broadgreen, Memorial’s Nottingham Forest neighborhood was looking a little less lush and a lot more medieval after Harvey’s water moved in.

Two weeks later, with streets still full of standing water, missing pet posters and boats tied to street signs, homeowners begin their daily trek into their castles to muck out and rip out what the storm left behind.

But this strong community of neighbors has formed their own band of brothers and sisters – just like the legend has it – to put Nottingham Forest back together. Front yards and garages are lined with supply shops fueled by donations sent from friends around the world.

Michelle Wethers and Anna Farris are manning one of the supply stores as residents come in to pick up with they need to rebuild. “We also have a food store, and another house is a clothing store, and another house is a housewares store. We even have a toy store, so people can replace damaged toys.”

Hunting and fishing equipment also come in really handy.

(Jeanne) This is Devin Galimore – what is your day like? I can’t imagine what it’s like going in every day trying to do recovery on your home.

(Devin) “So we left last week on Thursday, and we got out of town an came back Tuesday and, just water in the house and we went and checked things out. Had to breakdown the side door just to get in, and then mold grew faster than we thought. We found an apartment not far from here, we’ve moved in, we have two boys, so really it’s just been a matter of settling in.”

While neighbors in Nottingham Forest might be down, they’re definitely not out, and thanks to the power of community, they’re unsung heroes in unsinkable Houston.

Many thanks to Stephanie Holcombe and Debra James who contributed photos and information that made this story possible. 

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