Shoulders Back & Knockers Up!

Every time I smile for a photo, I remember my 50’s Pin-Up-era Mom smiling at a slouching, teenage me and saying, “Shoulders Back, Knockers Up!” – and every year, it gets harder to pull those shoulders back so the knockers are struggling to stay up.

I’ve been an athlete all my life, but I’m not flexible. My knees snap, crackle and pop. I can’t remember when I didn’t hold stress in my upper back. I would love to stop slouching, touch my toes, feel like my trunk and limbs still talk to each other.  But I do not love Yoga.

It might be the perfectly formed instructors who spend all day on the mat, instead of in meetings, then doing endless kid drop offs and activities pick ups, like me. I dread the intimidation of a class of people that “practice” every day.  I don’t need yoga to add stress.  I need it to take it away.  It’s okay if I can’t bounce a quarter off my butt, but it would be nice to feel strong, in tune, and even for just an hour, stop taking care of everyone else, and take care of me. Bonus points if it makes my clothes fit better.

We, my too-busy-for-you friends, are who I thought of as soon as I met Michelle Kelly. Michelle is a Memorial wife and mom of 2 teenage sons, a dog named Bear and a lizard named Hobbes. She’s an athlete who became a certified Yoga instructor to help people like us get flexible, ease aches, help our posture, and manage the stress we all have creeping into our minds and bodies. Michelle’s teaching philosophy defines Yoga for All, “I teach the strong, the weak, the flexible, the inflexible, the balanced, the not so balanced. I dedicate my time to helping people feel their bodies. My classes are a blend of yoga, balancing, stretching and strengthening”.

Michelle has an easy smile, kind eyes and a great sense of humor. She’s not going to talk about chakras and energy fields. She is going to tell you why strengthening your quads is going to help tremendously the next time you’re in a public toilet.

And she’s going to help you get those shoulders back and knockers up.

I hope you’ll join us for Yoga for All.  All you need is your mat, a desire to feel better, and a fun attitude.  Drop the kids off, toss in your yoga mat, and meet us at Well Traveled Texan World Headquarters 1458 Campbell Road, Suite #100, Houston, 77055.

Classes start November 27th!

Class times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Individual Classes $20
Pack of 10 – $150 ($15 per class)
Pack of 20 – $240 ($12 per class)

To sign up using PayPal, click the Yoga for All Drop Down Menu in our menu tab and select your package, or email me at