The Travel Team

Our advisors are masters of creating epic itineraries, managing logistics and making trip planning fun. We’re travelers, too – we know how to best plan your adventure from take off to landing. After all, true luxury is not how much you pay for the hotel, it’s having US do all the planning, all YOU do is show up. Our vast experience doesn’t come from sitting behind a desk, it’s our boots on the ground. We routinely meet with partners, inspect hotels, vet guides, and immerse ourselves in the destinations we’re planning for you. We’re a tight knit team – when you work with one advisor, you get all our brains, so your perfect trip is the result of our collective expertise. Ready to Go? Click the Contact Us button to get started on your next big adventure!

Jeanne Polocheck
Jeanne PolocheckAgency Owner & Advisor
As a featured TV travel and wine expert, Jeanne talks travel 24/7, and hosts a podcast, Well Traveled Texan: Global Travel, Food and Wine. She loves helping people fully discover the world with their eyes, ears, minds and taste buds.
Louiza Deskin
Louiza DeskinAgency Manager
Louiza keeps our clients’ itineraries on track and is a master of organization and efficiency, thanks to her previous career as a corporate meeting planner and a leisure travel agent.
Laura Krugly
Laura KruglyAdvisor/Houston
Laura combines her 20 year career in business and keen eye for detail with her passion for travel. She’s explored such far-off destinations as Bosnia, Honduras, Argentina, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey and the Maldives.
Tammi Wright
Tammi WrightAdvisor/Los Angeles
Our Los Angeles office is headed up by one of the most charismatic women in Hollywood, Tammi Chase Wright.
Jennifer Beltz
Jennifer BeltzAdvisor/Los Angeles
Jennifer is a consummate foodie and thrives on the excitement and anticipation of her next destination. She grew up in Southern California and built a career in finance before moving to Hong Kong as an expat for her husbands’ job.
Lindsay Becker
Lindsay BeckerAdvisor/Los Angeles
Lindsay’s passion for travel is matched by her curiosity in discovering new destinations.
Nicole Ngo
Nicole NgoAdvisor/Houston
Nicole’s all about living like a local in every destination, helping every traveler make memories. Born in Saigon, she grew up in Houston, graduating with a degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin.
Beth Guinn
Beth GuinnAdvisor/Houston
Beth’s energy, travel experience and passion for discovering destinations make her the perfect addition to our team at Well Traveled Texan. A native Houstonian, Beth grew up spending her summers soaking up the sun
Dana Nance
Dana NanceAdvisor/Austin
Dana comes from a successful professional career where she perfected all the skills that make her a detail oriented and enthusiastic Travel Advisor. Dana’s career has spanned from working as a radio DJ to a national advertising sales director for NBC Universal Television, but travel has always been her passion.
Lissette Jenkins
Lissette JenkinsLisette Jenkins
Lissette joins Well Traveled Texan from a successful career in the corporate world in media sales, managing a wide range of clientele from luxury brands to the arts, and as a small business owner in interior design. She understands the importance of listening
Krista Lauritzen
Krista LauritzenAdvisor/Houston
Krista’s ready use her background in client service, strong organizational skills and love of travel to create memories for clients.
Molly Strange
Molly StrangeAdvisor/Houston
Molly was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, earned her degree in Hospitality/Hotel & Restaurant Management from Auburn University. She completed her internship at The Little Nell, in Aspen, Colorado and traveled through California and the South of France to pursue her wine education. She has since worked in luxury goods and wine distribution, which makes her the perfect addition to our Well Traveled Texan Luxury Travel & Wine Team.
Darlene Sauvageau
Darlene SauvageauAdvisor/Houston
Darlene is as obsessed with travel as we all are! Her successful 30 year career in the software industry has made her an expert at client service and the “details, details” essential to planning the perfect trip.
Jen Christensen
Jen ChristensenAdvisor/Maryland
Jennifer joins Well Traveled Texan from a successful career in business development with a focus on public safety and security. As a world traveler, she combines her passion for travel with her unique experience to create extraordinary adventures.
Delaney & Nicki Polocheck
Delaney & Nicki PolocheckConcierge Team
Our two junior advisors do everything from educating our travelers on the hottest places to eat, drink and play, to coordinating client itineraries, managing social media, writing copy, and their favorite part of the job, adventure tour testers.